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4 Great Advantages of Buying Used Cars

4 Great Advantages of Buying Used Cars

Thinking about buying a new car? Think again! Though new cars do come with their own wide array of advantages, you’d be missing out on what used cars can now offer. Today, we talk about four great advantages of buying used cars that EVERY consumer needs to know!

As the leading used car dealership throughout Las Vegas, Vegas Used Cars has fast become the purveyor of quality used cars at low, rock-bottom prices. That’s because Vegas Used Cars works on the principle of cutting costs, not corners.

At Vegas Used Cars, we meticulously select which vehicles go onto our dealership – through an intensive inspection, servicing and engineering process. This means we can pass savings onto you, all the while providing you with the very best used cars at low-cost, unbeatable prices.

Vegas Used Cars has, then, elevated what it means to be a used car dealership. We’ve built more advantages into buying used cars than ever before; saving you thousands of dollars. We encourage you to explore our broad range of quality used cars.

In the meantime, though, let’s review many of the other great advantages of buying used cars.

#1 Lower prices, guaranteed

We’ve already alluded to this in our introduction but, yes, used cars have and always will be lower in cost than their newer equivalents.

Given the economic turmoil of the past decade, more people than ever are now turning to used cars.

Used cars are now considered a better investment. After all, new cars, because of depreciation, undergo an incredible and immediate decline in value – even as soon as leaving the showroom! In contrast, used cars are not linked to this immediate decline in value – saving you more money in the long-term.

#2 Fewer taxes

Yes, that’s right – new cars are subjected to higher taxes than used cars – one of the great advantages of buying used cars.

The sales tax associated with new cars can run into thousands of dollars.

Of course, this depends on the state in question, but the principle generally runs across the board. Purchasing a used car from a private seller is not linked to these state taxes – but you’re not guaranteed the same level of quality that comes from an established dealership.

#3 Prudency and pragmatism

Buying a used car is always the most prudent and pragmatic move.

When we think about buying a new car, we think about the latest gadgets and gizmos that vehicle might have. When we think even harder, though, we realize that these extras are simply not worth the many extra thousands of dollars we’re asked to pay.

While those gadgets and features might entertain us once or twice, we quickly become accustomed to the vehicle and use it for what we need it to – that is, getting us from A to B in comfort. After all, style always slips.

When we strip away the optional extras, it’s clear to see that used cars are by far the more prudent, pragmatic and sensible option.

#4 Quality always matters

We haven’t even talked about vehicle quality yet. Many customers are worried that buying their next vehicle from a used car dealership results in poorer quality, weaker vehicles. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the great advantages of buying used cars is that you are almost guaranteed the same quality and safety standards you’d come to expect from a new equivalent.

Well yes, this is true up to a point! Years ago, used cars weren’t serviced as one would have liked. Today, though, the situation is very different. Now, used cars are at least on par with their newer equivalents.

Many used car dealerships, such as Vegas Used Cars, now adopt a strict maintenance policy – meaning that the vehicle operates as it should, looks as it must, while retaining the highest safety standards that you expect.

Customers now expect high-quality vehicles that not just get them from A to B, but get them there safely. They also want a vehicle that isn’t going to break down at a moment’s notice – saving you time, cost and stress.

Wrapping things up

The advantages of buying used cars are overwhelming:

  • Lower prices, guaranteed
  • Fewer taxes, less depreciation
  • Practical and pragmatic, long-term solution
  • Quality vehicles of the highest standard

At Vegas Used Cars, we provide the greatest diversity of vehicles at our Las Vegas dealership. This gives you greater scope in finding the right vehicle for you; a vehicle at the right price that meets your individual needs. Used car dealerships offer you immense flexibility – showcasing a wide variety of vehicles that standard, new dealerships simply fail to provide.

In this way, we hope that – when considering your next vehicle – that buying a used car is at least an option on the table. Once you go down the used car route, you invariably never turn back. Lower priced, fewer taxed, higher quality vehicles are and always will be the way to go.

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