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How to Turn Your Cheap Car into a Luxury Car

How to Turn Your Cheap Car into a Luxury Car

Let’s be honest; not everyone can afford to buy a luxury car – whether that’s a new car or a luxury used car.

All is not lost though.

There are some great ways you can turn your cheap car into a luxury car – steps that don’t need to cost a fortune, either.

Below, we go through the two main factors you must focus on – the interior and the exterior.

Yes – it’s not good enough to aesthetically upgrade your used car if the interior lies in tatters. If you’re going to make this transformation a success, you must give due attention to both the exterior and the interior of your vehicle.

Without further ado, then, let’s take a quick glance at some ways you can luxuriously modify the aesthetic value of your car.

Modifying the Exterior

Tinted windows are a great place to start.

Many luxury vehicles have tinted windows. There are a few reasons why they’re added. First, they serve to protect both the driver and their passengers from sunlight – making the driving experience that much more enjoyable.

But second, and perhaps most importantly, they also add an enormous aesthetic impact – a sleek look that always ratchets up the aesthetic value of your everyday, ordinary vehicle.

Depending on your budget, there are three available tinting options:

  • OEM – the most expensive option but also the most enduring, long-lasting option. In simple terms, OEM is glass whose tinting effect has been integrated into the very fabric of the glass.
  • Coated – not as expensive as OEM, but not as long-lasting. It may involve spraying the window with a coated tint. Car windows are commonly removed for this process.
  • Film – by far the most affordable option. The film process is simple and does not necessarily need to involve a specialist – you may do the process yourself. However, it is not as effective and doesn’t last as long as either OEM or coated tint.

Aside from tinted windows, you need to think about the paintjob.

The type of paint you choose matters. For example – acrylic-based paints tend to wear off over a shorter period of time. Other paints, such as metallic paint, is more durable and offers a more professional look.

However, future repair work can become more difficult. Some paints, like urethane paint, can result in an unpleasant long-term appearance – similar to plastic.

If you want to create a sporty-look, think about adding a spoiler. However, adding a spoiler is unsuitable for many vehicles.

You must be smart about which vehicle to choose – otherwise you could end up destroying the aesthetic value of your vehicle and, as well as this, the resale value of your car too.

Modifying the Interior

True, the exterior is most of the job. But turning your cheap car into a luxury car is never complete unless you address the interior too.

So, what can you do to bring the interior to the next level?

First, you can modify car seats. The process might not necessarily be cheap, but it’s considerably cheaper than buying outright a luxury car.

Second, think about carpets and fabrics. Are they decaying? Can you bring a touch of glamour to the vehicle with replacement carpets and fabrics – matching, of course, the new design work you’ve added to the exterior.

Third, think about the steering wheel. Yes – you can instantly create a sportier vehicle by replacing your average and ordinary steering wheel with something more stylish and more adventurous. Don’t just focus on style though, the wheel should be comfortable to use too.

By taking these quick and easy steps, you can radically transform your cheap car into a luxury car.

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a luxury car.

You can gradually modify your existing car over the long-term, spreading out the cost and progressively improving both the exterior and interior of your used car.

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