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What are the Differences between Coupes and Sedans?

What are the Differences between Coupes and Sedans?

Searching for your next used car but aren’t quite sure which vehicle is right for you? The team at Vegas Used Cars is always here to help. Today, we take a rapid review of the differences between coupes and sedans – learning which vehicle is right for you.

It can be difficult to choose your next used car. After all, there are many features and factors to consider. Not everyone knows what they want. For some, eco-friendliness and mileage top the list. For others, it’s the aesthetic appeal and practical versatility.

Not everyone has the same interests, of course. That’s why you must take the time to learn about each vehicle type – it’s advantages and disadvantages – and why that vehicle may or may not be right for you.

Buying your next used car is no small purchase. It invariably means a considerable investment on your behalf. By investing the time into learning about each vehicle type, you become more informed and more satisfied with your final purchase.

Today, we review the important differences between coupes and sedans. In later articles, we take the knife to other model types – helping you learn more about what matters most to you.

Differences between Coupes and Sedans

There are five important differences between coupes and sedans. These include total number of doors, safety, space, style and cost.

  1. Total number of doors. Generally speaking, a coupe has two doors and a sedan has four doors. The number of doors matters – not least due to its practical significance. For families, or for those who need to deal with older passengers, it’s considerably easier to move those passengers in and out of a sedan. It becomes more arduous with a coupe. Similarly, if you’re parked in a tight space, it can be more challenging to get out of a coupe compared to a sedan. If you need to use the backseats more often – for whatever reason – or if you need to regularly transport young or older passengers, a sedan is probably more appropriate for you.
  2. Again, this comes down to whether you’re more likely to be a solo traveller or someone who has children and/or a family. Remember – the safest place for a child to be is in the rear-central seat. Coupes that come with back seating invariably omit this middle seat. You can safely and legally squeeze a fifth person into a sedan, whereas you cannot with a coupe. So, if you’re travelling solo or with a friend or partner, a coupe is ideal. If you’re family-oriented or someone who needs to transport a child, a sedan is something you should consider.
  3. Space. Cargo space differs depending on the coupe. For the purposes of clarity, cargo space is defined as the total space behind the front two seats. With coupes, this can differ quite substantially. Some coupes come with very limited space, others come with a respectable amount of space – it depends on the seating configuration, too. With sedans, cargo space is consistently higher and is perfect for transporting large volumes of cargo in one seamless go. You need to think about how much cargo you regularly need to transport and, from there, determine whether a coupe or a sedan is right for you.
  4. Style. One of the most notable differences between coupes and sedans lies in their style. Both the coupe and sedan reflect a certain style. As we’ve examined above, coupes are less suited to families. They tend to lack the space and safety needs one would expect to see in a sedan. Sedans are, then, more conservative in style and don’t set out to make a stylistic statement. Coupes are more individualistic and sporty, brimming an impression of independence, youth and lack of commitment. If style and a more “sporty” feel is what you’re after, a coupe is probably going to meet your needs.
  5. Cost.Many factors determine what insurance costs may be. Remember though – that coupes generally lack the safety features that one comes to expect from family-oriented sedans. These safety factors are considered by insurance firms. In addition, many coupes lack the internal space and configuration to take on many specific safety features. Of course, this does not suggest that coupes are less safe but – in the end – sedans are catered to the family market and have higher safety expectations, particularly when it comes to the welfare of young children. You may find, then, that the coupe has a higher insurance cost than the sedan. However, you should always shop around to harvest the best possible quote.

That’s about it! We’ve reviewed the five most important differences between coupes and sedans.

Certain themes emerged.

In conclusion

For example, coupes are sportier and catered to those who lack commitment. Sedans are family-oriented, whilst also coming with higher safety scores – not least due to their design and ability to cater for both younger and older passengers. Coupes lack the cargo space one would come to expect from a sedan, too. That being said, insurance costs may be higher for coupes – depending on its make, model and manufacturing standards.

More than ever, you find variations between the coupe and the sedan. We’re seeing more and more of coupes with greater cargo space. Similarly, we’re seeing more of so-called “sporty sedans” that draw on the personality of the coupe without forgoing the many practical and safety advantages that comes with a sedan.

At Vegas Used Cars, we recommend exploring both. Take the time to explore our online inventory of Las Vegas used cars. Test-drive the vehicles that meet your interests. Talk with one of our team if you have any questions. In the end, purchasing your next used car isn’t always cheap.

Taking the time to learn the differences between vehicle models and types and make all the difference.

Vegas Used Cars is the leading provider of Las Vegas used cars throughout the city. Check back to our used car blog soon for even more great articles on the differences between coupes and sedans, and every other model type.

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