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What Type of Used Car Should I Buy?

What Type of Used Car Should I Buy?

As one of the leading used car dealerships in Las Vegas, we have come across just about every consumer car question. One of the most popular is this – what type of used car should I buy?

Many people are unsure what vehicle is right for them. Consumers need to think about five main factors before purchasing their next used car, namely:

  • Affordability – how much can you budget?
  • Size – how big do you need your vehicle to be?
  • Purpose – what are you going to use the vehicle for?
  • Style – how important is vehicle design?
  • Type of engine – do you prefer manual or automatic transmission

By answering these questions, you narrow down potential choices. Visiting your local used car dealership can help, too – as their customer service team are experts at filtering down potential choices for you to review – giving you the right vehicle, for the right purpose, at the right price.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Type

Not sure about the difference between a city car and a coupe, or a hatchback or crossover SUV? Our handy guide gives you the pros and cons of each type of used car – helping you to make that all-important decision.

  • City car – the type of car that get you from A to B without any special features. They are not sporty, nor are they expensive. They are ideal for the average urban driving experience. With reduced bumper size, averagely spacious interior, ordinary design and narrow-set wheels, city cars are the ideal choice for the typical commuter who wants a practical, pragmatic car that is both easy to drive and park.
  • Hatchback – the Ford Focus is a classic example of a hatchback, a vehicle that is bigger than a standard city car but is still smaller than other vehicles, such as SUVs. Hatchbacks are ideal for a small family or even a couple / single individual. They are limited in their scope but perform well for the average driving experience.
  • Coupe – unlike city cars and hatchbacks, most coupes are very sporty in style. If style and speed are important factors, a coupe might just be the vehicle for you. They provide an upbeat driving experience and are ideal for either city or freeway driving. They are small and light yet big on style and performance standards. The Saturn Ion is a perfect example of a classic coupe.
  • Multi-purpose vehicle – an MPV is ideal for families, offering that much-needed extra space. They typically seat up to 7 passengers and are great for all your family-related needs. If you’re the type of family who travel a lot – whether to relatives or to vacation hotspots, an MPV is the perfect choice for you. Though they are not as sporty and style-oriented compared to coupes, they do offer a reliable and spacious experience that always does the trick.
  • Saloon – the Audi A4 is a perfect example of a classic saloon. A saloon is a vehicle that is much longer than a standard hatchback. There are three very defined elements of this elongated vehicle – front end, cabin and boot – each of which is spacious and robust in size. Internally, the saloon offers comfort, style and – depending on the model – a certain sophistication.
  • Estate – an estate vehicle is similar to a saloon, except for the rear element of the bar. The boot typically extends upward to include the rear window – adding extra cargo space that is ideal for families. The Volvo V60 is a great example of a modern estate.
  • 4×4 – unlike saloon and estate vehicles, a 4×4 is designed to handle complex, rough terrain. Though they handle rough terrain very well and come with increased visibility, they are considerably more challenging to manoeuvre on the road. They lack flexibility. If off-road capability is what you seek, then a 4×4 might just be the vehicle of choice for you.
  • SUV / Crossover – larger vehicles that come with plenty of space. Unlike the 4×4 though, the SUV / Crossover choice is not ideal for off-road use. They are more suited to the urban road experience. As with come with plenty of legroom and cargo space, they are also a potential alternative for families. The Nissan Qashqui is a perfect example of a modern SUV. As they are bigger and bulkier, they are not as easy to handle / park compared to a city car or coupe.

Aside from choosing which vehicle type is right for you, you also need to think about whether you’d like manual or automatic transmission.

Manual or Automatic Transmission

You need to decide whether your next type of used car has manual or automatic transmission.

Manual transmission is less common in the United States.

Manual transmission is more cumbersome – as drivers need to manually change between gears. It also makes it more difficult to recover from a stall – not ideal if you get stressed out by stalling in busy traffic.

Automatic transmission is simpler, easier and – for these reasons – much more popular.

Automatic cars use more complex technology, meaning they are invariably more expensive than manual cars.

There is no substantial difference in performance standards between either choice. However, you must think about which form of transmission you prefer. Always test-drive your next used car to ensure you’re happy with how it moves / performs on the road.

Design, Style and Budget

What about design?

Do you care about style? How important are the latest gadgets and features?

Of course, design and feature elements depend upon what budget you have. The higher the budget, the more modern style and elements you can afford. Maybe you cannot afford the higher-end type of used cars though, in which case you can consider used car financing; a great way to purchase a used car at a rate and price that you can afford.

By thinking about these factors, you can quickly filter down what type of used car you need to buy. Again, you don’t need to make this choice in isolation. By discussing your needs with your local used car dealership, they can help you decide which vehicle is best for you.

Vegas Used Cars is the leading used car dealership throughout Las Vegas. Check back to our used car blog soon for even more great tips on what your next vehicle should be.

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