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Used Trucks

Used Trucks for Sale!

Quality Used Trucks in Las Vegas

At Vegas Used Cars, we provide an extensive and diverse range of quality used trucks. In fact, we have fast become the leading used truck provider throughout Las Vegas; a reflection of our commitment to delivering quality you can trust. We also provide used truck financing. Even with bad credit, we can finance you!

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Our used trucks deliver the high engineering integrity you expect.

We don’t display just any truck on our dealership. Each of our trucks must undergo an extensive screening process. This process is both rigorous and robust; a process that seeks to identify and rectify any problems the vehicle may have – whether they be issues of cleanliness or safety, electrical faults or mechanical integrity. No stone is left unturned. We remain the gold-standard provider of quality used trucks throughout Las Vegas. Our unwavering commitment to an extensive screening and inspection process is what has inspired confidence in our dealership over the competition. Our customers know that, through Vegas Used Cars, they always receive value for money.

An extensive, rigorous screening process means that you can expect only the very best used trucks.

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Not sure which pre-owned truck is right for you? No problem! Our knowledgeable and professional team are here to help. No matter what question you have, our team are certain to have the answer for you. We work with you to find the ideal vehicle to meet your needs.

In fact, we offer the broadest range of second-hand trucks in Las Vegas; a range that includes just about every truck manufacturer and model that you expect. No matter what you’re looking for, Vegas Used Cars is guaranteed to have the automotive solution for you.

Advantages of Trucks

Trucks are versatile, multifunctional vehicles. If cargo space and power are the key attributes that you seek, a truck is something you should seriously consider. Trucks can also cost less in the long-term, saving you money. For example, an average truck uses less gas than your regular car. These differences in cost can add up!

Cost savings aren’t just limited to gas, though – on average, insurance costs are lower too. Of course, cars don’t have the towing capacity nor the off-road capability one would expect from a truck. For these reasons, we can understand why more people than ever before are now opting to own a truck

We offer low-cost, unbeatable prices on all trucks

While our vehicles are screened to the highest engineering standards, our prices remain the very lowest on offer throughout Las Vegas.

Unlike other dealerships, there are no hidden fees, costs or charges. Our upfront, transparent service is here to benefit you – the consumer. That, we can guarantee.

Our unbeatable rates come about through an efficient and effective means of managing our dealership – meaning we can pass these savings onto you.

Whether you seek a versatile, everyday vehicle or something more sophisticated, we have a price range that suits just about everyone. That’s the way we like it!

used truck financing

We understand that making your next used truck purchase is no small decision. The vehicle is, after all, a fundamental part of your life – not only bringing you from A to B but also fulfilling the many versatile duties one expects from a truck. Consumers are aware, more than ever before, about the need to purchase quality over price. After all, nobody forgets the price of a bad purchase, but they never question the value of a good one either. That’s why we, at Vegas Used Cars, emphasise the need to purchase quality you can trust.

Our inspection process is both thorough and detailed, building quality into each used truck. Each of our vehicles are certified along four main criteria – electrical and mechanical compliance, quality control, cosmetic control and vehicle cleanliness; a rigorous process that transforms the structural, mechanical and aesthetic value of each vehicle.

In fact, the inspection, testing and maintenance operating procedures are at least equivalent to the procedures applied to new cars. We apply the same standards to each vehicle. No used truck passes onto our dealership unless it attains the standards you, as a prospective buyer, have come to expect. That’s why our dealership continues to grow from strength to strength.

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Used Truck Financing

We can finance your next used truck.

Searching for used truck financing in Las Vegas? At Vegas Used Cars, we offer a broad and accessible range of finance packages to meet your needs. Our stress-free finance packages are tailored to your individual needs – helping you get behind the wheel of your next used truck.

Over 98% of those who apply for used truck financing are approved. Not sure whether you qualify? Get in touch today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What about buyers with bad credit?

You can still access our finance packages with poor or even bad credit. Vegas Used Cars does not discriminate on these grounds. Our packages are open to everyone. We understand that poor credit is often not the fault of the person involved. Sometimes other life circumstances can get in the way. You can receive financing irrespective of your existing credit status.

Thinking of using your truck for business purposes, such as through Lyft or Uber? Vegas Used Cars also offers an extensive range of financing solutions for both Lyft and Uber. As a professional driver, having the right vehicle – one that is both comfortable and functional – is of paramount importance. Through our finance packages, you can now get behind the wheel of a quality used truck that makes a real impact to the service you provide.

We have a 98% approval rate!

hassle free financing

Financing your next used truck has never been easier. A quick, simple, hassle-free solution.

Our finance solutions are not only highly accessible but also very flexible, too. We understand that access to finance can be difficult – not only difficult to access but challenging to repay. That’s why we tailor our finance packages in a way that doesn’t add unwanted, unnecessary stress onto our buyers.

Buying your next used truck is now one step closer. Have any questions? We encourage you to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Service You Remember

Our team understand the value of quality service.

Buying your dream truck can be ruined and wrecked by bad service. At Vegas Used Cars, our team understand the value of quality service – service you remember. Whether it’s through email contact, a phone call here or there, or through direct contact at our dealership, we make that extra effort to ensure you’re fully satisfied throughout our service.

We also know that you probably have many questions. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to. Our commitment to open, transparent service means we’re only satisfied when you are too. Fill out our online form today and a member of our team will be in touch very shortly.

With the highest-quality used trucks, the lowest prices and the best in customer service, we continue to drive the agenda in Las Vegas.

Used car dealerships have undergone an enormous evolution in recent years. Before, used car dealerships were almost frowned upon – places where the quality of vehicles went unchecked, where prices were high and where standards weren’t quite what they should have been.

That has now changed. Used car dealerships have evolved to become leaders in quality. Vegas Used Cars has grown from strength to strength for precisely this reason. Our customers know that when they purchase from us, they’re buying used trucks whose quality both we and they can vouch for. Topped by our exceptional commitment to the very best customer service, we continue to drive down the prices of used trucks in Las Vegas. For this reason, we thank you for considering Vegas Used Cars as your used truck provider in Las Vegas.

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